orgy postmortem

we got back home today around 5 or so. took a while to get everyone up and out of the hotel. bunny got sick midway through the night, apparently. unsure as to why. likely something he ate.

things went pretty good, all things considered. the room wasn’t the right one, but that was okay. people didn’t seem to really care. there were plenty of surfaces to do the deeds upon. even had enough room to set up the sling.

14 people total, once all was said and done. not too bad for a random weekend in February.

dat crazy eyes though… dunno ’bout him.


so…i’m at a relatively fancy hotel in the north part of the city and… we’re hosting an orgy. yeah.

there’s a ton of people in the place. booked solid. it’s something to behold for sure.


wtf is all of this about hating on people who like vore?

twitter fights are the most useless things on planet earth

nothing ever gets accomplished

why is picking a theme so damn difficult


all the free ones are ugly and too difficult to customize without having to just write a new stylesheet

and all the paid ones have waaaaaaaay too much going on or cost an arm and a leg to use and i’m just kinda fuckin’ around here

and the ones i find most appealing have disappeared from the web entirely


i guess i’m learning to write a wordpress theme?

php and css

god help me


have you ever wanted to be given a new face

a “fake” one, of course, masks and the like

something crafted just for you

bespoke, to your shape exactly

then, after a while you find

you’ve had it for so long

you forget what the one underneath looks like

at that point

how well can you say that face represented you in the first place?

it was given to you as well,

but you had no say in it